About KlipiKlap

I am an architect surrounded by wonderful creative people: my husband and my two playful sons. At the age of 2 my older son wanted to have a playhouse. My husband and I immediately agreed that plastic playhouses should be avoided due to the non-ecological material, unpleasant touch as well as aesthetic reasons. Wooden playhouses available on the market didn’t seem to be the right choice for us. Thus my husband decided to make his own neat wooden playhouse.
Due to the lack of time the house remained an idea but our son continuously reminded us: »When are you going to make the playhouse; you promised to do it!« Time flew by and the worries remained. One day the idea matured and Klipiklap playhouses came to life. At that time they didn’t look the way they look now neither did they have a name nor today’s shape and design. They were just an idea. How to make a nice, small, natural wooden playhouse which can be easily put together? The answer is:

Simple: Think of Klipiklap children’s playhouses!

The houses were just the beginning. I follow the new ideas that pushed me forward.At the same time i can not overlook my mission, which i discovered; create inspiring playful environment for children that will contribute to their happy and inspirational childhood for a healthy foundation in adulthood. Children grow up fast an childhood accompany them for life.

Klipiklap inspires children's happiness.

Marjeta Fortuna Lamovšek univ. dipl. inž. arh.


We followed the European Standards for Playground Equipment EN 1176 and got the certification for safety use. Protective coating also follows The European Standards for Toys EN 71-3. The certification is provided by the producer of coatings.



On the fair Ambient Ljubljana 2014 under Top ideje, we received an award for a top idea. The award means a lot to us as it shows us that we're working in the right way. We are happy to go further.